Thursday, December 16, 2010

Callospa & Resort: Wedding Reception in Rizal

Perfect place to commune with nature

A seemingly isolated oasis set on top a simulated rainforest with surrounding tall trees and shrubs is Callospa & Resort--- a perfect hideaway for lovers of nature.

A truly unique sanctuary where you can relieve your stress, relax, freshen up and rejuvenate, Callospa & Resort used to be the owner's private spa, but was soon opened to business, according to Callospa & Resort owner Evangeline Garcia, when she spoke on the program "Health & Lifestyle On Radio" aired every Saturday from 5:00 to 6:30 pm at DWBL am.

The spa has a continuous spray of mist that maintains the lush greenery of the place and keeps the temperature down. and because the owners don't pay any rentals, they are able to keep the price of Callospa & Resort very affordable.

Paradise at Callospa

Got a party planned? A bridal shower for your girlfriend or the wedding experience of a lifetime? Here's to paradise at Callospa Resort located at Antipolo. Callospa is a 24 - hour destination venue where the service and relaxation never sleeps!

Just a short drive from crowded and bustling Manila, Callospa provides a safe haven for stressed out families and a love nest for couples who simply want to get away from it all and renew the romance in their lives.

This unique garden spa simulates the rainforest in the charming Colaique where magical hours of tranquility and peacefulness await the visitor. Various spa combinations can be availed with names that are simply drawing and massages that are equally soothing and heavenly.

Start with 2 hours of escape which comprise of herbal baths, usage of their deluxe steam and sauna rooms, and signature massages. Guests can also check-in to Callospa for their bed and breakfasts. As the resort suggests, they have the conveniences of a hotel and the amenities of home.

For the intimate and private wedding affair, Callospa offers a complete package so that the bride and groom no longer have to worry about what might come wrong during their special day. After the busy reception, close friends and families can enjoy overnight accomodations that include spa and other pampering treatments.

Turn that wedding into a swim party afterwards! Callospa provides the perfect opportunity for families to bond with each other and friends who just want to hang and chill out for some time.
Not only is the resort for spa enthusiasts, Callospa is a wonderful venue for corporate activities, graduation events, badminton tourneys, mini concerts-- the possibilities are endless!